Download the Megalines Insurance Brokerapp

Useful information and tools when you need to contact us, lodge a claim, or require fast access to your insurance portfolio details. We will be right there for you on your phone, 24/7.


Megalines Brokerapp Features

Our customers download our app from iTunes or Google Play App stores and with the app installed to their phone they can access our contact details, our office details and each staff member has their own screen with phone and email address etc.

Claims Notifications

customers can complete a short form about what’s happened, damaged etc and take & upload photos to us via the app.

Documents Section

will hold all of our product information sheets, application forms and compliance forms such as FSG and Privacy Policy. Each PDF can be shared to an email address with a built in share tool.


Push Notifications

we’re able to send short messages to everyone that has our app installed.


Articles that we publish to our website during the month are added to the app as well so our customers can fins and read relevant articles.

Insurance service providers are listed, authorised companies for glass replacement, repairs etc
Customers can request a call back at the click of a button
Request a certificate of insurance
Share the app to friends and colleagues using the built in share tools.

Claims & Photos / New Claim Notification

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in a motor accident or suffer a property damage claim, the Megalines Insurance Brokerapp will allow you to immediately fill in the information and add photos at the scene of the incident. This will then be sent directly to Meglines Insurance’s in-house claims team via the app, to quickly start the claims process. You will be able to provide the following information:

General Claim

Name, email, mobile, what’s happened

Add up to 8 photos

Motor Vehicle Incident

Insured Details: First name, surname, date of birth, phone, email, address, postcode

Your Vehicle Details: Make, model & year, registration number, colour, policy number

Third party: Driver of vehicle, address, phone number, vehicle, registration number, insurer & policy number, licence number

Accident Details: Date, time, location, police officer and station, incident description

Photos: Add up to 8 photos


Never admit liability without speaking with Megalines Insurance first.


Available to download for free from the Apple App store & Google Play store