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Care & Community Insurance

Megalines Insurance proudly stands as a preeminent specialist provider of insurance and risk management solutions tailored for the Care and Community services sectors.

Construction, Trades, Engineering

The Megalines team possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies inherent to the construction industry.

Commercial Insurance

Megalines Insurance collaborates with an extensive roster of commercial clients, playing a pivotal role in the protection of their valuable business assets.

Professional and Business Services

At Megalines Insurance, we partner with business and professional service firms, offering meticulously crafted insurance solutions aimed at preserving their livelihoods

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Our client, a thriving commercial business, faced unexpected disruptions due to the global pandemic. With mandated shutdowns, reduced foot traffic, and shifting consumer behaviours, their operations came to a near standstill. It was a challenging period, and they turned to Megalines for support. We promptly stepped up to the occasion. Through diligent efforts and unwavering commitment, Megalines Insurance secured a resoundingly positive outcome for our client. The claim was processed efficiently, and the client received the financial support needed to weather the storm and get their business back on track.

Yours could be the next business success story we tell. Contact us today! View the video with their feedback here. 

John Head

Having a good broker like Megalines saves me a lot of messing around. Someone that you can trust… excellent service, couldn’t ask for better

Lukas White

The Megalines team comes around what you’re doing to make sure that your insurance fits your business

Raelle Smit

They kept me informed throughout the entire journey… they see you as a person and not just as a job.

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