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As well as our Head Office in Melbourne, Megalines Insurance now has an office in Brisbane. 

In a market with endless options, finding the right insurance can be a difficult task. Complicated wording and expensive premiums make it hard to know which insurance policies to opt for. Of you are after business insurance that is right for you, your business and your assets, we’re here to help.

We assist businesses of all sizes across Brisbane in minimising their key exposures today and into the future.

Why do you need a Business insurance broker?

As your Brisbane Business insurance broker, we work for you, not the insurer. Our aim is to help you sort through the clutter and assess your options. We assess your risks in order to recommend you, the most suitable and strategic insurance policies for your business.

Why choose Megalines insurance broker

We adopt the “extra mile” approach by creating customer-centric experiences based on best pro active practices, market research, and our expert skill

We listen and aim to understand first in order to only recommend the most optimal cover for your key exposures

We are a multi award winning insurance broker and part of the Steadfast network - access the best in class and strength of advocacy

  • 15+

    We have extensive experience across a range of industries and have been in the game for over 15 years

Why do you need Business Insurance?

No matter what size your business is, having adequate insurance is a must. Business insurance protects you, your business and your assets should things go wrong - it is your safety net often providing you with the financial support to not go under.

Here’s how business insurance can help:

  • Public Liability Insurance

    Protects you in instances a third party makes a claim against you - could be due to negligence or injury

  • Professional indemnity insurance

    Particularly important if you provide advice for a fee. If your professional service results in third party damages.

  • Cyber Insurance

    With increasing reliance on all things digital, cyber attacks are on the rise. Your data and your clients data are at risk. The right Cyber insurance policy can provide you with a safety net.

  • Business Interruption Insurance

    Some things are unpredictable and unfortunately often they can impact your profitability negatively. Storms, machinery breakdown, cyber attacks and more. Business interruption allows you to protect your livelihood.

The Brisbane business landscape

Brisbane comes in third on the list of most populous city in Australia, bringing in a Gross Regional Product of 182 billion and employing over 729,000 of Brisbanites.

Even faced with unprecedented times due to COVID-19, supply shortages and unpredictable weather, Brisbane’s economy has stayed strong. Large scale developments are still happening, more people are getting back into the workforce and businesses are up and running (some even booming)

While Brisbane doesn’t lack opportunity, managing a business doesn’t get easier. In fact, with the growth Brisbane is experiencing, it is even more important to protect your assets. Having the right level of protection will give you peace of mind.

How can we help you manage your business risks?

Whether you are an established business or a startup , every business is unique, and your insurance should take your particular needs into account. Megalines helps you build a tailored policy that protects against the risks that your business will face every day and foresees your future risk too so you are protected now and in the futre.

We have access to the largest network of insurers in Australasia so you know you will be supported by comprehensive cover at competitive prices. We take the time to analyse your risks and assess their potential impact on your business. We put in considerable effort into researching, designing, developing and implementing a strategic approach to risk management.

If time for renewal has come, here’s what to consider:

  • Report any changes the business has experienced and any future operational changes too

  • Prepare a list of your key exposures and how they are currently being managed

  • Have a plan to show how you are proactively managing your risks

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